Wedding Preps: Hiring Suppliers

As I've mentioned in my previous post, Franco and I are engaged. Many have been asking me when the wedding is but we don't give out the exact date to everyone but it's next year. 

Next year. It seems there's more time left, right? Wrong! 

The wedding industry is CUHRAZY. You gotta book as soon as you can because good suppliers get booked fast. This is why I decided to attend wedding expos because I want to see all my options first. Oh my gosh there are so many options and suppliers! I was literally dizzy after one afternoon at SMX Convention Center. Most suppliers offer discounts and freebies when you book on the spot, which is nice, but if you are like me, it made me crazy. I need to compare suppliers first, think thoroughly, re-evaluate my decision, and prepare the money. It was such a hard task plus I was attending expos without Franco. I had to reecho everything to him. I took photos and videos and sent him everything I liked (Unfortunately not all suppliers will allow you to take photos.). He was shocked with the multitude of options, too. I left the first expo with no suppliers booked.

The next one I went to, I had a strategy. I downloaded their suppliers list days before, checked out their work online, and highlighted the ones I liked. This way I won't be going around the whole expo like a lost puppy. This method helped me immensely and despite the PICC tent being so hot and crowded, I was not overwhelmed by the choices. I was able to book one supplier from that expo!

Hiring suppliers for your wedding is not an easy task. I want quality work, pleasant attitude, and within my budget. Some suppliers are really good but their asking price is too high or they're very snooty. Tip to suppliers: Be kind, be nice, be approachable. Answer queries timely. Follow up. When I'm trying to book a meeting with a supplier and they're pahabol, wala ayoko na. Remember, I'm the customer here. I will be paying you a lot of my hard-earned money so please, suppliers, be nice and accommodating.

I am almost done with booking suppliers. Here's my current #FrancoJeanFinally Team.

Ceremony Venue: St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Reception Venue: Doña Jovita (Patio Intramuros)
Photography: The Perfect Grey
Videography: Big Dipper Co.
Catering and Reception Styling: Berris Cuisine
Flowers and Ceremony Styling: Aprille Araguas Designs

I'm so excited to work with them!

More updates soon!



Yes, I said Yes! 

For those who do not know, I have been with this wonderful man for ten years. Yes, you read that right, ten freaking years. Don't get me wrong, those ten years were not all happy perfect moments. There were ups and downs but that's the beauty of it. I can honestly say that this is the healthiest relationship I've ever had. I love him so much!

I can go on and on about how wonderful he is but that is not the point of this post. I just wanted to share it to the world and put it here. 
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I'm so happy! We're getting married!

Let's Be Real: Envy and Priorities

Let's be real here. Who has never felt envious? I'm not always envious of others but I feel it from time to time and today is one of those days.

I have the usuals. Let me give you a rundown.

  • Material stuff. How come this person has a better car than me? How did that girl acquire so many designer bags when I don't even have one? How come he owns his own condo unit already and I live with my folks? How can this girl afford all the new makeup palettes when mine are all old drugstore brands?

  • Experiencing the world. How come this person has been all over the world when I just travel around Asia? How can she be a citizen of the world while I'm stuck in my hometown? How can she afford to take multiple long leaves at work? How wonderful for her to leave in a posh city across the globe while I'm here, just here.

  • Career and education. I started so young, why am I stuck here? How come younger researchers are doing their PhD already while I'm still meh. My peers are doing their Post Docs while I sit and wait for what exactly? I write down all the names of the people in the meeting I'm in and their all Dr. Something. 

  • Family and marriage. My age is barely hanging on the calendar and I'm still not married while people my age are pushing out Baby No. 3. Why are younger people getting married after a 1-year relationship while I'm in a 10-year relationship and we're just chill? How many more times do I have to explain myself why I'm not married yet to family and friends?

Whoa, you might say. But hey this is not everyday occurrence and definitely doesn't occur simultaneously. That would be too crazy! It usually happens when I'm PMS-ing or I'm having a really shitty day at work. Other than these, it's all flowers and rainbows in my garden. 

I think what triggers my envies the most is social media. I mean, who posts ugly pictures of themselves in Instagram, right? Everything is beautiful, spic and span, according to plan, and white. Why is everything white??? Tell me!

I was washing my face, getting ready for bed when it hit me. It's all about priorities.

Some people prioritize designer things while others want to spend their hard-earned money on traveling. Other people put their careers on hold and risk it so they can study further. Others prioritize furthering their careers than starting a family. While some, on the other hand, would rather start a loving family.

I often wonder where my money goes and how come I don't have what others have. I finally realized it now. I spend my money on my priority, love. I spend a big chunk of my money going to South Korea and living there. I don't travel much to other countries because every time there is a chance to travel, I always go to Franco. I can't buy a lot of material things because I spend my money on dining out with Franco or my family. I can't afford a condo unit because I bought a pretty car. I chose having a car over having my own place because I love spending time with my family anyways. I'm not doing my PhD yet because Franco and I are taking turns. We have a plan for ourselves and that includes our education and careers. If I move to a posh city across the globe, that would mean I would move farther away from Franco and I don't want that. I'm not yet married because it's not yet my time. There is a perfect time for everything.

I choose love. I will keep choosing love because even if I get the envies from time to time, love is what makes me truly happy. And I will stick with that.

The Sunday Currently Vol. 5

A new week is here! I don't why but I'm quite excited for no apparent reason. I just feel good about the coming days. Does that ever happen to you? I wanna dress better, smile more, and generally be more positive about everything. I love this kind of feeling.

Marriage-related articles. I'll admit I'm a little paranoid about everything and overthink things. I know someday I will get married, not because I'm engaged but because I want to be married to the man I love someday. With that, I just want to know what I'm getting myself into.  I know, I know, I'm in over my head.

Next week's to-do list. Surprisingly not a long one

Acoustic Lounge in Spotify. I listen to Spotify a LOT.

About my uncomfortable experience earlier. I was driving earlier to the nail salon and in front of me was a jeepney full of young men. They were all gawking and teasing! And how could I not look at them? I was driving and they were in front. Ugh. I felt so uneasy. It was like being catcalled. Why do men have to do this?

Fresh nail polish smell. Are you familiar with that?

I can save enough extra cash to visit Dr. Aivee Teo. I wanna have artista derma experience. I've always been wondering if they all got lucky in the gene pool or doctors made them look like that. 

For less rain because I want to get my car washed properly. 

Bed attire aka as old ratty clothes 

The weather! I know I'm hoping for less rain (it's for my car) but I love the cool winds here in the probinsya! A real sweater/cuddle weather! 

The new Archie! Where can I get one and are there still available copies? huhu

Heeled sandals. Not for the rainy weather but for adulthood. All I have are flats, all kinds of them. I need sexy footwear.

Happy and sleepy but I know I will still read my night away. Why don't I just sleep when I feel sleepy? Why do I fight it then regret the next day? Why do I never learn?

I'm also feeling excited for the long weekend though I don't have a plan yet. What are your plans? 

How was your weekend? Good luck on the coming week! 

Friday's 10 Happy Things /2/

There's a rainbow always after the rain...LOL

I was sick this week. It was a combination of everything. I felt very sorry for my family because I'm a terrible patient. I moan and groan. Thanks to my Mom and sister for taking good care of me. 

  • 1. I was sick half of the week and recovered before the week ended

  • 2. And because I was sick, I was at home and caught up on my sleep, big time. I hibernated.

  • 3. It was raining while I was sleeping. How marvelous this feels!

  • 4. I ate a LOT of fruits this week because I was nursing myself back to health.

  • 5. This may not seem very good to you, but I lost a pound because of this sickness. *peace*

  • 6. I met up with Dette and Chester. I haven't seen them since forever and I missed them! More please! Let's be healthy and sexy together. LOL

  • 7. Speaking of meet ups, I met Monica, too! This happened last week but let's count it since she's seldom in the country. We had coffee, a great conversation, and some really good laughs.

  • 8. Investment talks with banks. I'm planning my future wisely. I feel like such a grownup.

  • 9. The first ever Palay-Isipan Quiz Contest was a success!

  • 10. Work dinner events. I don't really work, I just attend, chat, eat, and drink. Plus, it's always free!

See, even if I was sick, the week wasn't so bad at all. How about you? How was your week?

Happy weekend!


Ditz Revolution

The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

It's technically not Sunday but whatever, it's still Sunday somewhere.

Work emails. I was away for a week and I try not to open work emails when I'm not at work. Do you open work emails any where, any time? I'm backlogged yet distracted.

I'm working on my to-do list because vacation tends to make my mind forget of my duties and responsibilities. 

To the annoying buzzing sound of the centralized aircon. I wish I have my earpods, which were stolen ggrrrrr, so I can listen to music while at work. Now I'm reminded I need to buy new earpods. 

Metro Manila looks so depressing. I don't know if it's my mood but it looked so ugly to me yesterday. I'm also thinking, more on contemplating, if I can quit my current job and do other things that will make me happier. Not necessarily a new job but I need something happier than this. I need a reason for me to wake up in the mornings and jump out of bed with joy. Things are so blah with my current situation. I need something new. 

Loveswept by Philosphy because I'm wearing it

I'm in South Korea with Franco. I just got back yesterday and I already want to fly back to him. I'm wondering if it's really worth to stay here. I mean, what's the point?

I can finish this week without punching someone on the face. There is this very annoying person and I'm like ugh. 

My "uniform" -- black (or white) tee and jeans

My nieces! Seriously, they are the main reason I smile and laugh. They bring so much joy and love in my life. 

More money. More money, more problems? Nah. More like, no money, more unpaid bills.

To get a massage or something because obviously this Monday hasn't been very nice to me. 

Happy, lonely, and annoyed all at the same time. I'm so happy I got to spend time with Franco but bummed that we have to part ways again. I'm happy I have a job but annoyed at some stuff as well. I'm in an emotional rollercoaster OMG. I just can't with my emotions.

How was your long weekend?

Good luck on the coming week!