The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

10:55 AM Jean Melgar 4 Comments

It's technically not Sunday but whatever, it's still Sunday somewhere.

Work emails. I was away for a week and I try not to open work emails when I'm not at work. Do you open work emails any where, any time? I'm backlogged yet distracted.

I'm working on my to-do list because vacation tends to make my mind forget of my duties and responsibilities. 

To the annoying buzzing sound of the centralized aircon. I wish I have my earpods, which were stolen ggrrrrr, so I can listen to music while at work. Now I'm reminded I need to buy new earpods. 

Metro Manila looks so depressing. I don't know if it's my mood but it looked so ugly to me yesterday. I'm also thinking, more on contemplating, if I can quit my current job and do other things that will make me happier. Not necessarily a new job but I need something happier than this. I need a reason for me to wake up in the mornings and jump out of bed with joy. Things are so blah with my current situation. I need something new. 

Loveswept by Philosphy because I'm wearing it

I'm in South Korea with Franco. I just got back yesterday and I already want to fly back to him. I'm wondering if it's really worth to stay here. I mean, what's the point?

I can finish this week without punching someone on the face. There is this very annoying person and I'm like ugh. 

My "uniform" -- black (or white) tee and jeans

My nieces! Seriously, they are the main reason I smile and laugh. They bring so much joy and love in my life. 

More money. More money, more problems? Nah. More like, no money, more unpaid bills.

To get a massage or something because obviously this Monday hasn't been very nice to me. 

Happy, lonely, and annoyed all at the same time. I'm so happy I got to spend time with Franco but bummed that we have to part ways again. I'm happy I have a job but annoyed at some stuff as well. I'm in an emotional rollercoaster OMG. I just can't with my emotions.

How was your long weekend?

Good luck on the coming week! 


  1. When I feel confused, like I'm facing a quarter-life crisis, I try to shift gears instead of trying to find something new in my misery. Finding happiness in any situation first, before trying to escape it, always seems to help me. Hope it's something you'll consider!

  2. Why not try to move to Korea!!! Maganda naman qualifications mo. :)

    And yes, Metro Manila is so ugly.

  3. Ah money, we can never get enough lol. And I agree with Helga, try moving to Korea! :D