Review: The Face Shop Clean Face Oil Free Sun Cream

8:50 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

We need vitamin D in our bodies and we get that through sun exposure but too much is not healthy. I really need sun protection cos I'm fair-skinned, live in the tropics, my work requires me to go to the rice fields for long hours, and I easily produce sun spots. Easy answer to my problem is sun block, right? Unfortunately, I don't regularly use sun block cos of the smell and the consistency. Whenever I put sun block on, I feel like I'm at the beach. It leaves me with this sticky feeling and the humidity of our country does not help. 

So during my vacation, I had some free time to go around shops and see some new stuff (at least for me). On top of my list was sun block or sun cream, as the Koreans call it. The Face Shop has this new line called Clean Face. They also have Clean Face BB Cream but I was immediately drawn to this specific product.

It's an oil-free sun cream with SPF35 PA++. Who wouldn't be intrigued? On top of that, it contains tea tree oil and aloe vera gel. I heard our skin digs stuff like that. I tried it on my skin and there is absolutely no trace of that sun block smell! Yipee! And it does not feel sticky at all! Yay! I asked the saleslady for the price and it's only W6,500 (~P250)*. You only need a little drop for the whole face so 50ml is a lot. I'm sold!

I've been using it everyday and I have absolutely no complaints. I also didn't break out or produce rashes. 
You guessed right. I recommend this. 

*Price might be different in Philippine stores due to shipping costs and tax.