The Sunday Currently Vol. 5

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A new week is here! I don't why but I'm quite excited for no apparent reason. I just feel good about the coming days. Does that ever happen to you? I wanna dress better, smile more, and generally be more positive about everything. I love this kind of feeling.

Marriage-related articles. I'll admit I'm a little paranoid about everything and overthink things. I know someday I will get married, not because I'm engaged but because I want to be married to the man I love someday. With that, I just want to know what I'm getting myself into.  I know, I know, I'm in over my head.

Next week's to-do list. Surprisingly not a long one

Acoustic Lounge in Spotify. I listen to Spotify a LOT.

About my uncomfortable experience earlier. I was driving earlier to the nail salon and in front of me was a jeepney full of young men. They were all gawking and teasing! And how could I not look at them? I was driving and they were in front. Ugh. I felt so uneasy. It was like being catcalled. Why do men have to do this?

Fresh nail polish smell. Are you familiar with that?

I can save enough extra cash to visit Dr. Aivee Teo. I wanna have artista derma experience. I've always been wondering if they all got lucky in the gene pool or doctors made them look like that. 

For less rain because I want to get my car washed properly. 

Bed attire aka as old ratty clothes 

The weather! I know I'm hoping for less rain (it's for my car) but I love the cool winds here in the probinsya! A real sweater/cuddle weather! 

The new Archie! Where can I get one and are there still available copies? huhu

Heeled sandals. Not for the rainy weather but for adulthood. All I have are flats, all kinds of them. I need sexy footwear.

Happy and sleepy but I know I will still read my night away. Why don't I just sleep when I feel sleepy? Why do I fight it then regret the next day? Why do I never learn?

I'm also feeling excited for the long weekend though I don't have a plan yet. What are your plans? 

How was your weekend? Good luck on the coming week! 

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  1. oh, i read alot about marriage articles too. because, in my age, i thikn i have to know about how a good marriage like, how to deal with the bad sides of my future husband to be a good wife. and, maybe it's a hormone, i also start to like a marriage concept photos too :p