Friday's 10 Happy Things /2/

9:37 PM Jean Melgar 4 Comments

There's a rainbow always after the rain...LOL

I was sick this week. It was a combination of everything. I felt very sorry for my family because I'm a terrible patient. I moan and groan. Thanks to my Mom and sister for taking good care of me. 

  • 1. I was sick half of the week and recovered before the week ended

  • 2. And because I was sick, I was at home and caught up on my sleep, big time. I hibernated.

  • 3. It was raining while I was sleeping. How marvelous this feels!

  • 4. I ate a LOT of fruits this week because I was nursing myself back to health.

  • 5. This may not seem very good to you, but I lost a pound because of this sickness. *peace*

  • 6. I met up with Dette and Chester. I haven't seen them since forever and I missed them! More please! Let's be healthy and sexy together. LOL

  • 7. Speaking of meet ups, I met Monica, too! This happened last week but let's count it since she's seldom in the country. We had coffee, a great conversation, and some really good laughs.

  • 8. Investment talks with banks. I'm planning my future wisely. I feel like such a grownup.

  • 9. The first ever Palay-Isipan Quiz Contest was a success!

  • 10. Work dinner events. I don't really work, I just attend, chat, eat, and drink. Plus, it's always free!

See, even if I was sick, the week wasn't so bad at all. How about you? How was your week?

Happy weekend!


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  1. HI JEAN!
    Oh, sucks being sick, good thing you're better now. Sleeping in is great! Sometimes I wish I could just stay in bed and not work. Hahaha. Yay for fruits! I have a melon in the ref that I haven't eaten yet. x.x


    1. Hi Nickle! Yes to sleeping in OHMYGAS. I love fruits. <3

  2. Glad you're getting better now. Being sick sounds like an advantage cuz you don't have to go out when it's raining and it always feels good to stay indoors when there's rain.

    1. Hi Alissa! Thanks! I'm so glad I'm better now. It sucks to be sick.