Wedding Preps: Hiring Suppliers

4:13 PM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

As I've mentioned in my previous post, Franco and I are engaged. Many have been asking me when the wedding is but we don't give out the exact date to everyone but it's next year. 

Next year. It seems there's more time left, right? Wrong! 

The wedding industry is CUHRAZY. You gotta book as soon as you can because good suppliers get booked fast. This is why I decided to attend wedding expos because I want to see all my options first. Oh my gosh there are so many options and suppliers! I was literally dizzy after one afternoon at SMX Convention Center. Most suppliers offer discounts and freebies when you book on the spot, which is nice, but if you are like me, it made me crazy. I need to compare suppliers first, think thoroughly, re-evaluate my decision, and prepare the money. It was such a hard task plus I was attending expos without Franco. I had to reecho everything to him. I took photos and videos and sent him everything I liked (Unfortunately not all suppliers will allow you to take photos.). He was shocked with the multitude of options, too. I left the first expo with no suppliers booked.

The next one I went to, I had a strategy. I downloaded their suppliers list days before, checked out their work online, and highlighted the ones I liked. This way I won't be going around the whole expo like a lost puppy. This method helped me immensely and despite the PICC tent being so hot and crowded, I was not overwhelmed by the choices. I was able to book one supplier from that expo!

Hiring suppliers for your wedding is not an easy task. I want quality work, pleasant attitude, and within my budget. Some suppliers are really good but their asking price is too high or they're very snooty. Tip to suppliers: Be kind, be nice, be approachable. Answer queries timely. Follow up. When I'm trying to book a meeting with a supplier and they're pahabol, wala ayoko na. Remember, I'm the customer here. I will be paying you a lot of my hard-earned money so please, suppliers, be nice and accommodating.

I am almost done with booking suppliers. Here's my current #FrancoJeanFinally Team.

Ceremony Venue: St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Reception Venue: Doña Jovita (Patio Intramuros)
Photography: The Perfect Grey
Videography: Big Dipper Co.
Catering and Reception Styling: Berris Cuisine
Flowers and Ceremony Styling: Aprille Araguas Designs

I'm so excited to work with them!

More updates soon!



  1. Aprille Araguas Designs of course! excited!!

  2. On my wedding at one of NYC wedding venues hired a famous wedding planner whom I met in one wedding expo. There all the preparations were made by him and just loved everything. He really helped me to make my dream come true by his wonderful wedding preparations.