Favorite: The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick

1:55 AM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

There is only one makeup in this world that I can't live without. That is lipstick. I do not really need to put lip balm everyday since my lips are not usually chapped. I can do without concealer, foundation, and powder cos I relatively have a fair and even skin. But if you strip all my makeup, there is one thing you'll notice immediately. I'm very pale. My lips are not pink and my cheeks are not glowing. I blame my bad habits for this. This paleness problem can be easily solved by one makeup, lipstick. I apply lipstick to my lips and cheeks and bam! Instant transformation! 

I have been using The Face Shop's Black Label Lipsticks for over two years now. They are the amazecakes! They are very moisturizing so I don't have to apply lip balm before it. The staying power is not very long but I don't mind.  I remember I discovered this line when I was shopping with my Korean friend, Seung A, when I was still living in Korea. She recommended them to me. She even chose one of my favorite colors! 

My two favorites are #13 (Pink Brown), which I use as my-lips-but-better, and #11 (Lovely Pink), a cute pink that Seung A chose. Another thing that I like about this line is the effect of amount on the lips. If I just dab a little amount, it looks very teenager-y and youthful. But if I pile more on my lips, it gives this adult woman look. I really like it. 

I'm a bit sad though cos my tubes are almost finished and the last time I visited TFS, they told me that they do not have them anymore. I hope that when I visit Korea this year, they still have it. 


  1. Ooh! I have the 'Pink105'(TFS Color Shimmer Lipstick PK105). I love the color, looking innocent and pure. But it was too mushy.

    I've never use this line but I'll def try. Thanks for the review :-)


    1. I still use this line until now! They are still available at Face Shop. :)