Sample Room is amazing.

11:51 AM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

There are a lot of product sampling companies these days. Most of them come in boxes where you pay X amount of money to get a bunch of stuff they selected for you that month. Some of them are good, some meh. Now if you are like me, who is not a very risky person, I would hesitate to subscribing on such boxes just because I really don't know what's coming, I don't know if I'll like the products, and I don't want my money going to waste. 

That's why I believe Sample Room is brilliant especially for people like me. It's easy. You sign up, get 100 points immediately, choose on the items available, and pay for the delivery. You don't need to pay for the product itself. You will use your points to avail the product. Most of them are around 50 points. You only pay for the delivery service which is inexpensive considering you got the product free and some of them do not even come in sample sizes! 

Look at what I got. It came to my doorstep after 2 days (I'm not from the Metro.). I used PayPal to pay for the delivery fee. It was so easy!

I got the Celeteque DermoScience Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Gel. 
Céleteque DermoScience Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Gel contains Hydrolyzed Collagen that helps improve skin elasticity thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has Soya Bean Protein that moisturizes and makes skin supple.
Full Size: 40 ml
Price: PHP 779
Sample Size: 1 pc. 40 ml (full size)

I got the full size and only paid around Php 100 for delivery. Isn't that neat? 

You might be wondering how to get points again. It's easy. You just rate and review the product that you received and once approved, you get the points back. 

What I love:
  • Easy, fast, and reliable
  • I get to see the product list and choose for myself. 
  • The products available are really good.
  • You get to discover new products.
  • I'm not "spending" money on products I just want to try. 
Go ahead and try! It's "free" anyway.