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I love Preview. It's my local go-to magazine for fashion and beauty. I have been reading it for years. I also love Happy Skin. I have been using their products since their first collection. I'm so happy and proud that we can create such good quality makeup with beautiful designs and packaging. 

Naturally, when these two collaborated, I was one of the firsts who ordered. No swatches? No reviews? No problem. Gimme that box of lip crayons.
The packaging itself is gorgeous! It's quite genius. It looks like a mini Preview magazine. If you remove the lipstick holder inside, it can serve as a box to store trinkets. I'm using mine as a decoration on my vanity right now.

Inside are two of the most necessary lipstick shades in a woman's life -- nude and red. Classic yet modern at the same time, very Preview. The nude is called Too Cool while the red is Hot Stuff.

I was not concerned with Hot Stuff because I love red lipsticks and have learned how to make them work for me. However, I was a bit apprehensive with Too Cool because it looked too nude to me. I'm on the fair side so this shade might wash me out.
Judging by the swatches on my arm, they look OK to me. The consistency is amazing! It's not like any other matte lipsticks I've tried before. They are so creamy!
Hot Stuff
Hot Stuff is gorgeous! I love vampy reds because it gives you that oomph while still keeping it classy. This is more of a nighttime lipstick but can be worn on daytime, too. I can wear this to events, parties, and any where but my workplace actually. It lights up my face and suits my complexion. I believe this will suit almost all Filipina complexions.
Too Cool
Too Cool, as I expected, is too nude (for the lack of better adjectives) on me. It looks like a concealer on my lips, my sister commented. It's just a teeny weeny bit darker than my skin tone. However, I think I can make this work with some smokey eyes on or mix it up with some of my very bold lip colors. It's gorgeous but not something I would wear everyday.

These matte lip crayons from Happy Skin glide on like butter. I haven't tried using them for hours but I doubt they'll dry my lips. Over all, I'm really happy I bought these. I'm excited to use them!

Happy 20 years, Preview! #IamAPreviewGirl
Congratulations on the matte lip crayons, Happy Skin!


  1. Ang ganda pareho on you!!! I love reds pero nudes suit me better.

    1. Thanks, Helga! Lucky you! :) I want to wear nudes without looking like ininom ko yung vinegar. haha