BB Cream Frenzy

11:12 PM Jean Melgar 4 Comments

It just happened. I have seven (7) BB Creams on my vanity. How did that happen? I was not a big fan of BB creams. I was in South Korea, "home" of BB creams, when they became popular. I wanted to be in so I tried a couple of them, however, Korean brands offer very limited shades. The darkest was still light on me and there was a gray cast. At that time, I was a busy graduate student, who was always in the rice fields. The gray cast looked horrible on me. I think I found one that worked for me but it was not mind blowing, hence I couldn't even remember it.

I then discovered liquid foundations and completely forgot about BB creams. I have been using liquid foundation everyday for the past couple of years. However, what you're thinking is right, liquid foundation is too much for everyday. I needed an alternative. I bought a BB cream.

This is my current pile. My sister gave me one more (not in the photo).

My current stash includes:
 7 - Missha M Vita BB Cream Moisture SPF20 PA++ (not in photo) (PHP 499)

Excuse my veiny hand.
They are so different from each other yet I somehow learned how to make them all work for me. It needed a little bit of patience and a lot of practice plus different shades of powder for setting. HAHA

I didn't really intend for this post to be a review but while writing this I thought somebody may want more information about these products. So if you would want to read a review or comparison of these, please let me know. Otherwise, katamad. HAHA



  1. I want a comparison! hehe! I'm currently using In2it's BB Cream and it works wonders. Although I'd love to explore some more too. :p

    1. Hi, Jhanz! Hehehe I will try my very best to come up with a comprehensive post about them. :) I haven't tried In2it. Hmmm

  2. LOL on "katamad!" Every time I buy new makeup and think of writing a review (when I was still allowed to), I think about how I need to take photos of the packaging, make swatches, compose my entry, etc. Until I end up not doing it anymore. Bobbi Brown has a lot of shades, too, but kind of expensive =|

    1. I have a lot of draft posts on product reviews. I buy a new product, take photos, the works, etc., and then I think to myself, who needs this information when the famous bloggers have written about it already. hahaha

      I wanna try Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder. :)