Jean's Jeans

4:56 PM Jean Melgar 3 Comments

I dread buying jeans. It's so difficult to find a pair that fits me perfectly. I have no shape. Well, I do have,  a square. I can't describe how frustrating it is. I try one pair after another and end up buying none. Even if I go to high end brands, they seem not to have anything. Jeans are either too tight on my legs or my waist. It doesn't help that my weight fluctuates like crazy.  I bought two pairs three years ago after I gained gazillion pounds due to years of binge eating in Korea. Now that I lost the Korea grad school fat, my jeans are too big. The pairs I'm using are my old ones from college. Even they are too big! I'm not that thin, my jeans got stretched from over-washing, I think.

I want!!!
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Ugh. I hate jeans shopping. Where do you shop? Recommend any brands? Help?


  1. Since you seem to like jeans really skinny, why don't you try jeggings? Uniqlo has some pretty good ones that look just like jeans. They also have a drawstring waist, which can accommodate your fluctuating weight. Hope this helps! :)

  2. LOL It's because I have an abundance of "boyfriend jeans" -- old overused over-washed jeans. I haven't actually tried jeggings and haven't visited Uniqlo Manila. Thanks so much, Lauren! :)

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