2012 Goals and Aspirations

12:48 AM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

It's 2012 already! I'm a little surprised but I'm very excited. I want to be positive and claim that this will be my year. I'm making this post to remind myself during the year what I'm working hard for. Sometimes life gets very tough and I need to be reminded every once in a while. Also, I would like to share them to you (obviously) and  wish you share yours. #tsismosa 

Get an iPhone 4S with a postpaid plan. I've never had a postpaid mobile plan in the Philippines. I know that's not shocking for Filipinos. Most of us are still using prepaid and utilizing the UNLITXT like crazy. I understand and I'm not criticizing. It's just that promos like this have no use for me. The person who I frequently txt lives outside the country. A message directly to his mobile costs P15 and Chikka message costs P2.50. If you are wondering why an iPhone, well, because he is using an iPhone and iMessaging will solve our problems. LDR sucks and is freaking expensive.

Fix our new house and my new room. This year will be very big for my family because finally we will be moving to a bigger and better house. We have been living in a small house for 20+ years and it doesn't cut it anymore. My room needs to be done and I need to be decisive.  Appliances, furniture, decor, etc. We need a lot. Whew! I want to help my folks ease the burden of our exponentially growing expenses, at least before I get married and have my own family. Ahem. (No. No wedding bells.)

Buy an iPod nano. I have been dreaming of an iPod since forever. If I'm getting the iPhone 4S, I don't think I need an iPod touch or something very fancy. I need something that will play music while I work and workout/run. I like that it has this Nike feature that can track my run. It can also be worn as a watch which I think is so cool and useful. I'm hoping to get one early this year since it not very expensive.

Buy a MacBook Pro. My beloved Vaio has died. I do not want to resurrect it. I'm not sure if I wrote here but I've been wanting to transfer to Apple for the longest time. I think it's quite obvious in this post. If I'm gonna replace my old laptop, then I'm getting a really good one. And I think iCloud will be a very useful tool for me.

Buy a Hyundai i10. I need a car. Why an i10? It's affordable and cute. Our new house is far and not accessible to public vehicles 24/7. Aside from these, the roads are quite dark and there are a lot of empty lots. To be honest, I'm afraid to get robbed, kidnapped, raped, and/or killed. I usually get off work late and I have other activities. I also go out with my friends and have lots of errands. My Mom needs a  ride to go to work, too. I need a ride to go to places without bothering if there is a jeepney/bus to my destination, until what time is the last bus, what should be the signboard or if the man beside me is manyakis or not. I do not have someone to protect me 24/7 and sometimes I think my trusty pepper spray will not be enough. Basta I need a car and I hope you get my point.

Refrain from clothes, shoe, and makeup shopping. I realized that all the "small" shopping I did last year actually amounted to quite a lot of money. I could have used the money for something else. 

Travel to more places in the Philippines. Truth be told, I have not seen a lot of Visayas and Mindanao. Before I travel to other countries, I want to explore ours first. 

Decide on my career path. I need to figure out what I'm gonna do with my career. My mind is struggling with all the options. I hope I get an answer this year.

Live a healthy lifestyle. I don't like wrinkles, sun spots, warts and dry skin. I don't want beer belly and muffin top. I want healthy glowing skin, shiny strong hair, and well-toned physique. LOL Parang commercial lang! The solution? Cream Silk! LOLJK Eat more fruit, veggies, and fish. Avoid fatty and junk food. Minimize beer intake and other bad habits. Exercise and stick to my workout. Get enough sleep and drink lots of water. Health is wealth.

Be more positive. I'm tired of being too negative. I need a positive outlook on life and love. 

In a nutshell, I need gazillions of money to accomplish this year's goals (wants) and a lot of discipline. This seems very materialistic but I haven't really bought anything expensive for myself. If I'm gonna spend my hard-earned money, might as well use it for stuff that are useful and serious. I also want to spoil myself before I get married. (Again, there are no wedding bells.) My Mom used to tell me, "I-enjoy mo ang pagiging dalaga at gamitin mo ang pera mo para sa sarili mo dahil pag nag-asawa ka na, maiiba na ang priorities mo at gagamitin mo na ang pera para sa ibang mga bagay."

That's it, pansit! Happy new year to everyone! 


  1. Good luck with everything, Jean! Let's show 2012 who's boss! :D

  2. Thanks, Larry! I hope we accomplish our goals. :)