A Boring Life

5:44 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

From time to time, I self-analyze. Who am I? What do I really want? What are my immediate goals? How about the long term goals? I do a reassessment and I think it's healthy.

I was having dinner with some friends the other night and a realization hit me. I'm a boring person. This friend also went to South Korea for graduate school and her Facebook albums, which are quite a lot, are filled with fun photos doing different things and discovering new places. We discussed on how other Filipino students there do a lot of extracurricular activities and stuff other than studying/working, my boyfriend included. I, on the other hand, had a very strict routine -- laboratory, field, laboratory, lunch, laboratory, greenhouse, dinner, laboratory, one episode of a TV show, sleep. But hey, movies on Saturday nights! 

Even if I'm back in the country and no longer in graduate school, I find myself falling under the same routine. With the occasional dinners out, which are 80% initiated by friends, I like spending my time working and if not, in bed reading or watching something useless. Weekends are spent on sleep. 

All this time I thought I was adventurous, apparently not. I wonder, why do I not seek adventure? Why am I "wasting" my youth away? Should I be doing something? Should I take a new hobby? All I do is work, bring home some more work, do some part-time jobs, and watch TV shows. Not really the ideal single life if you ask me. But what is ideal in the first place? If I'm happy then I guess I'm fine. Question is, am I?

Oh, life.