Thank You

5:46 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

Warning: Post may be incoherent. Hard to write in tears. (dundundun drama)

It's the day after my birthday. If you remember, I made a wish list of gifts (all material stuff) I wanted to receive. I didn't get a single thing.

I'm not a religious person. I'm more spiritual, I believe. These past few weeks, I have been tested like I have never been tested before. There have been so many trials in all aspects of my life -- love, family, work, friends, self. Death of a loved one was even involved. Then there are the natural disasters that shook the country. My emotions are overflowing I don't know how I'm able to contain myself. I am holding on to my virtues tightly.

I was asking for material things but yesterday while walking to work, I realized there is one thing that I really need -- peace. Peace on earth, peace on our hearts, peace of mind. There are a million non-material things I can ask for but this is what my heart yearns. Last night, as I blew the candle on my cake, I prayed and wished for one thing, peace. 

I buy my own cake every year. 
It's not easy but I'm thankful I was tested. I'm stronger. Now I know I can really take the punches with grace even. Also, with all that has happened, I'm able to see that there are a lot of things I should be grateful for. I'm still blessed.

Before I end this because I have nothing left to rant, I want to thank everyone who took their time to greet me. Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face.

Here's to more birthdays!