2011 In Review

3:41 PM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

Time flies. *sigh*
Allow me to review the year. I honestly have no idea if I was successful with my goals or what. Let's see.

Last year, I wrote this over at Tumblr

So, was I able to accomplish them? 
  1. Braces. No. I did not have enough money to attend to my dental needs.
  2. Exercise. Yes. I exercised regularly until the last quarter of the year. I was so busy. Excuses!
  3. Lose my beer belly. Kinda. I exercised regularly and lessened my beer intake. It's sorta back now. Sad.
  4. Slim down. I guess so. My pants are ill-fitting so I resorted to wearing my sister's old college jeans. Yay!
  5. Lessen alcohol. Yes. I wanted to lose the belly badly. See #3.
  6. More books. So-so. I read a couple of books but I think they are not enough.
  7. Find new hobby. Meh. 
  8. Bye, Boys. Yes! Hello again, boyfriend. <3 
I was also able to accomplish my 100-movie project. I'm satisfied. 

I'm a bit lazy to describe everything so let me summarize the year in photos. 
WARNING: Photo heavy! (Most of the photos are not mine.)


If you did not see your face here, please don't hate me. I had to go through thousands of photos and maybe our photo together is not stellar aka di kagandahan ang pagmumukha natin sa picture na yun

I'm very happy of how 2011 turned out. Thank you to everyone who made this year extra special and happy. It would have been a complete boredom of a year if not for you, guys. I hope you had a good year.

I'm so excited for 2012. Maybe because there will be a couple of changes in my life. I hope next year will be  better if not as awesome as this year. 

See you next year! 


  1. Ah, congratulations in achieving some of the things you wanted to do for 2011.
    Last photo, winnur! Happy New Year Jean! I'm still hoping to meet you someday. ;)

  2. Thank you! I hope we'll meet this year. :)