The Many Faces of Jean

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Everyone has their own perspective of who I am. Many may not get me and I don't really expect you to. But at least try to understand this Jean Melgar, OK?

I will enumerate based on what I remember I did first.

1. Sporty gal
Swimming is the first sport/activity I tried. I remember going to swimming classes in my colorful swimsuit and dipping my toes in cold water. I remember crying whenever I can no longer feel the floors of the pool. I went to my swimming classes religiously starting when I was 4 years old. My classes were either before or after school. Unfortunately, I had to stop because I was going to school the whole day and was swamped with schoolwork. I took swimming classes again in college. This time it was more rigorous and required a large amount of my time for training. It felt like I went back to zero. There were days where I go home after class and pass out on my bed from tiredness. Then I stopped swimming again. 
Basketball is one of those sports I enjoy watching. I tried shooting hoops in high school but I wasn't really good. My boy classmates pretty much not allowed the girls to play with them and there weren't many girls who were interested in sports. I tried basketball again after college. I improved a lot since I started but still needs work. Playing basketball is fun and lets me meet new people. 
Running was more like a hobby to me. I ran to relax my mind, lose weight and for fun. This was until my runner friend pushed me to join runs. He trained me. We were both surprised to learn that I am actually fast. He still pushes me to train properly so I can be on the top. I'm lazy.
Softball came to my life when I was already working. I knew the basics and the rules but I was never given a chance to play. That is until the teams needed new players. I enjoy playing softball but I still get hurt from my errors. Like the big round bruise that I'm sporting today.

2. Dancer/Artsy Fartsy
When I was in preschool, I kept bugging my Mom to enroll me in a ballet class. As if I was not busy enough with school and swimming. Not much has changed, Jean. Anyway, at that time the ballet teacher transferred to a new town so there were no other ballet lessons offered in my place. I was happy twirling and tipping toes at home. In grade school, I was discovered. LOL One teacher asked me to join a dance and the next thing I know they were all smiles and I was dancing in front to lead the other kids. It was like that year after year. Until I reached 6th grade and my Mom told me to try applying for an arts school. It was not a big deal then. I went to the mountains, danced my heart out, slipped and fell flat on the floor, took regular exams and headed home. I was in ultimate shock when I learned that I was the only one who passed from my town. I did not want to go there as all my friends are going to another school. To cut the story short, I attended the arts school and became a dancer/artist for four years. I studied folk dance, jazz, ballroom, classical and modern ballet, and Asian dances. During college, I was a member of the folk dance group and the dance sports team. I took street jazz and ballroom for my P.E. I had many late night practices since high school and performed in many parts of our country and in other countries as well. I then switched from dancing to teaching dance. I still dance occasionally.
3. Scientist/Geek
Biology Major in Genetics is my bachelor's degree. Many were surprised by my choice but they all knew that I was one of the weird ones in high school for liking and excelling in science in an art school. I was an intern in a research institute for two years during college. I then took Crop Science Major in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology for my master's. I am currently working as an assistant scientist in a research institute and I love my job. I like reading scientific journals and fiction to pass time. I enjoy working in a laboratory very much. I still plan on getting a doctorate. 
4. Girly/Fashion Enthusiast
I am not girly in a pink frilly kind of way. I like dolling up, looking good, and taking care of myself. Some people may call it vanity. I don't think so. I am particular with clothes and shoes. I like wearing dresses and high heels, but not always at the same time. I like makeup and accessories. I read magazines and follow designers and fashion blogs. I believe in "Dress for the job you want.". 

Are you still there? This looks like a rant or like I'm reminiscing or something. Anyway.

Jack of all trades, master of none.