What I Wore: Weekend Lunch

10:41 PM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

I'm not a morning person so I don't often do lunch with friends.  I don't dislike mornings. In fact, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I'm completely in love with brunch. I usually sleep in on weekends but I make exceptions. 

Just a quick outfit post before hitting the sack. 

It was a very casual lunch so I just threw in a pair of khaki shorts and semi-sheer white tee. I wore my current fave shoes from Payless

This is my favorite elephant ring. I wear it with almost everything.

laughing precariously

I adore my snake girl necklace. It has tiny different colored jewels in it. 

*Thanks for the photos, Apes.


  1. I like your clogs! They look much better worn than in the photo. :)

  2. Thanks Lauren! They are pretty comfortable too. :)