Wish List Granted!

8:53 PM Jean Melgar 3 Comments

I wrote a few weeks back about my birthday wish list. It was written out of dreams and aspirations. LOL Seriously, I never thought I would receive any of the items listed. But, lo and behold, the gods of the internet heard my prayers (read my wish list)! 

I wrote a lot of stuff in that wish list but here are the items I received. 

1. A hairless birthday surprise from my sister! She gave me a GC to remove all the unwanted hair on my body from Lay Bare. We both love Lay Bare. We do sister bonding there. I love that she knows me so well. I actually haven't used the GC because I'm such a busy body.
This reminds me that I need to write about my Lay Bare experiences. And I also need to go before Christmas. I do not want to look like Santa Claus. 

2. Facial treatment from my neighborhood dermatologist from Manny! This is super unexpected and very sweet. I was babbling on my couch about how my skin is dull blah blah while watching TV with Manny. He asked me how much my regular facial treatment costs and told me, "O, sagot ko na yan.". Weee! Thanks, dear! I just got back from the derma looking like a zombie. 

I need proof, OK?
I'm excited to get my groove on, I mean my glow back after a couple of days. I'm happy I went to the derma with my friend, Cza. It's fun to talk and gossip while getting pampered. 

3. Shoes from Shoe Etiquette through Lauren! OK, this was really not a birthday gift but I want to count it as one. Let me explain. Of course, I included shoes in my list. It's my most favorite thing in the world. So, anyway, Lauren had a giveaway contest. This is very common now for many popular bloggers. I only join when I really like what they are giving away and if the mechanics are not that hard. This contest by far is the easiest and the prize/giveaway is super awesome. You get to select the shoe that will be given to you just by commenting which shoe you like and why! Isn't that easy and amazing? To be honest, I was not hoping on winning because I never win anything. This is my first time to win something on the internet! I was having a very bad day until Lauren announced I won. She made my day. On top of that, Denise of Shoe Etiquette and Lauren are very kind and accommodating. It's my first time to interact with Denise and she's warm, nice, and friendly. Is it obvious that I'm very happy about this? On to the shoe I selected!

Photo credit
This was my answer to the contest: I like a lot of their shoes but I'd choose Sofia oxfords. They are prefect for the coming holidays! :). Isn't it adorable and sparkly? I'm really excited to wear it on the coming holidays. Thanks again, Lauren and Denise! 

My birthday was quiet this year. I chose to have some quality time with my sister and the babies. So I'm really happy that I received gifts. Who wouldn't? Thanks again, guys!


  1. I just saw those oxfords on Lauren's blog yesterday. They're so pretty! Congrats for winning it and happy birthday! ☺

  2. Elaissa, I want to wear it to work but I might get stares. Haha! Thanks! :)