Birthday Wish List 2011

9:14 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

Wish List. Wow. I don't often make a wish list, never even blogged about it. They never seem to come true. They remain wishes. Meh. Santa Claus ruined it for me.

It's almost Halloween, meaning my birthday is near! I'm not big on birthdays. I don't throw parties or ask for gifts. I usually just have simple dinner with my family then drinks with friends after. I'm not the type who extends my birthday to birthmonth. To me, that's just sad. Enough blabber. On to my list!

1. Personal Assistant

"Well hello there, Anne! Would you please get me coffee and muffins? On the way back, please pass by the bank to pay my bills and then ship this package for Boyf and oh, don't forget my tampons! But please hurry cos I don't want my coffee to get cold. Thanks."

LOL Seriously, I really want an assistant, I just can't afford one. I can't hire someone that pretty and sexy cos Boyf might leave me for her or all my guy friends will be following her around, offering rides. Warever, boys!

2. Charm Travel Pro V3 Makeup Brush Set

I've been using my current brushes for four years. I have to draft their retirement plan soon. Also, look at these babies! Black, pink, and sexy. Aren't they pretty? They will also make me pretty. Heh. 

3. Spa Treatment 
Birthday girl needs her very special R&R, yo. I need the works -- facial, whole body massage, foot and hand scrub, mani-pedi, hair removal, and hair spa. Just imagining these makes me say oooohhhhh. I'm so tired lately, it's not even right. If I can only have a massage for 5 hours without the masseuse needing medical help after, I will do it. 

4. My own domain
Creative names, eh? I need a place where I can dump my trash. Obviously, I can dump my wastes here but I need a bigger and better trash can, if ya know what I mean. I need some kinda professional help for this. Advice from experienced people or constant supervision might be nice, too. Hrhr

5. Shoes

I never say no to shoes. 'Nuff said.


6. iPhone 4S/MacBook Pro/ iPod
I'm not an Apple user. I might even need to read the instruction manual cover to cover. But heck, I don't care. I want Apple products. After having a very sweet but short rendezvous with Boyf's iPhone 4 and Bop's MacBook Pro, I'm superduper sold. I've been longing for an iPod for quite a while now. Let me share a secret. I don't own even an mp3 player. I use my crappy cellphone for FM radio. Yup, I'm one of those. 

If you go all Apple "expert" on me and tell me that I do not need an iPod yadda yadda and this product is better than this product yadda yadda, shut your hole. 

There you have it, folks. I hope to hear from you soon. *wink wink*

I really do not expect to receive these. But if you want to, hey, no one is stopping you. LOL