Why not red?

8:30 PM Jean Melgar 1 Comments

Red is such a beautiful color yet many women are hesitant to wear it. Why?

I understand why. I used to think red lipstick is too much. It is too powerful and attention-grabbing. I used to also associate it with women who get paid for their, umm, services. I thought wearing red on lips will make me look cheap or trying too hard.

What changed my mind? I had to try it first. I had to see what it looks on me before deciding if I can pull it off. Yes it is powerful and attention-grabbing but I realized that I do not mind. I guess it comes with age and a certain level of confidence. It's all about how you carry yourself when you are wearing red. I also realized that not all occasions or events are meant for pink or peach lipsticks. Sometimes we need that little oomph that only red lips can provide. 

Have you tried red? If you haven't, why not try it now? The holidays are coming and wearing red lipstick is such a wonderful way to celebrate. 

I wore a different lipstick for each photo. Which is your favorite?

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  1. red looks hot! hehe :) i love the one you wore in the middle pic.