Payless Shopping

3:44 AM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

No, not the noodles. Ano ba. The shoe store! 

I was in Ortigas yesterday to see a microscopy demo in Shangri-La Hotel. Of course the demo didn't last the whole day so I had a lot of spare time to go to The Shang and Megamall. I wasn't intending on buying shoes because my priorities were set on clothes (more about that next time) but I badly needed brown shoes. I was staring at my shoe collection and noticed the lack of color, one of which is brown. I have been eyeing a few pairs from online stores already but haven't decided which one to get. 

As soon as I entered Shang, my eyes saw the sign. PAYLESS. I've known this store for a while and heard that they came here to the Philippines last year. I was very excited to enter the store as I saw piles and piles of shoes.  They were placed inside their boxes with the covers removed. The shoes were arranged according to sizes. Men, women, and kids were separated. The salesladies were kind, polite, and helpful. They are not the annoying kind that follow you around. I saw this and fell in love. 

I squealed a li'l bit inside. But like every smart shopper, you have to look around and check if there are other options with better design and quality at an affordable price. I chose not to buy it and see first what's in store for me in Megamall. I still ended up in Payless. The difference of Shang and Megamall Payless? The crowd! You won't be able to see the shoes in Megamall properly cos the aisles were full of noisy teenagers and moms carrying their crying kids. It was a mess out there! I was still thinking about this shoe the whole time so I asked the saleslady if they have this design. No luck. I went back to Shang and grabbed the pair. Good thing I did cos there were no other sizes available and it was the last pair for size 8. Yay! 

Via Spiga Women's Astro 2 Sandal, Black Pony, 8.5 M US