Balik Alindog Program: Yoga

12:28 AM Jean Melgar 3 Comments

Today I learned that I don't know how to meditate. Surprise, surprise!

I live in the probinsya where, unlike in Metro Manila, we don't have a lot of gym and fitness studios. Fortunately, my workplace encourages health and wellness so we have a nice gym and sports facilities. Aside from that they offer a multitude of fitness classes, one of which is yoga. I attended yoga as much as I can but our teacher left the country and so we were left hanging. Yoga classes were postponed indefinitely and was replaced by Zumba. I have nothing against Zumba I just didn't feel the need to attend.

I was so happy when a co-worker's spouse offered to teach yoga to those interested recently. I immediately responded to her email and enlisted in her class. Then I wondered, why am so interested in yoga when it doesn't really make me lose weight or make my tummy flat? I can do sports or just hit the gym. Why yoga?

I attended the first yoga class today and it hit me while I was in the Sphinx position, I don't know how to relax and meditate. My muscles are always tense and I can't seem to just focus on my breathing and body. I kept opening my eyes and looking at the girls around me. Halfway through the class, I learned that I focus better when I count my breathing. However, as I get deeper and deeper into it, I felt so sleepy. The positions, the breathing, and the meditation are making me sleepy! I don't think it's ok to be sleepy while meditating and doing yoga. Am I right? Help me here, guys.

Anyway, I'm planning on attending her yin yoga classes regularly because I need to learn how to focus better and meditate properly. Plus, stretching my muscles and joints ain't a bad thing to do after a day's work. I'll update you on my progress next time. 

Here's to more yoga days! Wish me luck! 


  1. i'm nor doing Yoga before, and looking forward for the result on you. can't wait your update about Yin yoga :)

    1. Hi, Fitria! I hope there will be positive results. I will update soon! :)

  2. I want to do yoga, too, but my golly it's so expensive!