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Happy Things! Yaaaay!

In all honesty, I feel like there is nothing to be happy about. Environment at work has been extremely stressful and worrisome. But that is also why I decided to start doing the Friday's 10 Happy Things, to focus on the positives. Thanks, Helga, for inviting me to do this.

This week's 10 happy things:

1.    I did my first long drive (Nueva Ecija to Laguna) successfully! I was so happy I got to pass through SCTEX, NLEX, EDSA, and SLEX in one day/drive. EDSA was the most stressful of them all.
2.    The 23rd Federation of Crop Science Societies of the Philippines Scientific Conference concluded. I was so busy and tired the past weeks especially last week because of this conference. So glad it's over and done now.
3.    I met my dear friend Alma, who is based in New York, during her visit. She is a NICU doctor at Cornell. Hardcore stuff.
4.    I also met Mini and AJ this week. I love meeting old friends! They bring me so much joy.
5.    I watched Crazy Beautiful You (hahaha I know) with my sister and made fun of almost everything in the movie.
6.    I also watched English Only, Please (again with my sister) and had some good laughs as well.
7.    I met my closest work friend, Lot, after two weeks of not seeing each other. We are so clingy to each other. At the restaurant, I also saw Aprille with Carmi and Camille. I told you, I love meeting friends.
8.    I had red velvet cake.
9.    I went shopping at Clark Duty Free, where I find items I rarely find in local supermarkets.
10.  iMessaging like a fool with Franco.
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What made you happy this week?

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  1. Wow, Nueva Ecija to Laguna! Galing mo!

    I love English Only, Please hahaha Sobrang enjoy :)

    1. It was sooooo exhausting oh my gosh! But so fulfilling! :)

  2. I haven't seen English Only Please, I feel like such a bad friend hahahaha.

    1. Your friend wrote it? Directed? :) Ang saya nya although slightly na-bother ako sa fake accent ni Derek. LOL

  3. Ahh ang saya! Congrats on surviving EDSA! Hehe! :) Haven't seen English Only Please, although a lot of my friends are recommending it hehe :)

    1. It's one of the good local films. I suggest you see it. :)