The Sunday Currently Vol. 3

10:23 PM Jean Melgar 6 Comments

When did Labor Day weekend became a party time for singles? Seriously, I'm curious.

Funny tweets of what transpired today also known as the Pacquiao-Mayweather "fight of the century". I think we shouldn't be calling it that because there were far better fights but whatever. 

I SHOULD be writing my scientific poster because deadline is coming soon but it's Sunday and who wants to work on Sundays. -- I wrote this last Sunday and OMG still applies today! 

Listening/watching to YouTube room tour videos because I badly want to redecorate but I don't have enough disposable money for that plus I have been too lazy lately to just even clean out my closet.

How many Filipinos are saddened by the Pacquiao fight? How much are we really affected, like, spending habits, etc.? Because after the fight I wanted to go out and shop and/or drink beer, anything to lighten up the mood. 

Shampoo cos I just got out of the shower. Who doesn't love to sleep clean? I love it!

For a better work week. Work has been different lately since my supervisor left and I'm basically running the show but I'm not fully qualified to fill in his shoes.

I can accomplish everything on my to-do list. I always have one but sometimes they're too daunting. 

This very comfy boxer shorts from Bench and equally comfy cotton tank top from Hanes (from Franco's mom).

How my driving and parking skills have improved immensely but I still have a long way to go. 

A real vacation. Labor day weekend was meh because I worked and stayed home when I was not working. I want a vacation with people I like. I'm very particular with how and whom I spend my personal time. 

To clean out my closet and hold a garage sale and then use the money to buy new "uniforms" or staples. I have a lot of jeans but most of them are ill-fitting. I need more plain shirts because I live in them. 

Energized because I slept the whole afternoon, had a nice shower and now having green tea after my Mom's home cooked dinner. Life is wonderful if we just appreciate the small things.

How was your long weekend?

Good luck on the coming week! 


  1. I need a real vacation, too. :( I went to the beach last month but it was because Joey had a gig and we didn't really have time to relax. Hopefully, my birthday plans push through.

    1. Oh yeah your birthday is coming soon! I hope you'll have a great birthday!

  2. I had a great labor day weekend! HAHA. But anwyay, we ended up spending the last day watching the fight and it was underwhelming :( Wish it was better thooo :'(

  3. i need a vacation too!! i miss travelling a lot x

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    1. I'm going on a "vacation" soon! I hope you can have yours, too! :)