Christmas Wish List

11:47 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

It's that time of the year again! It will be Christmas in 17 days! I'm so excited!

Since it's the time of giving *cough*, I'd like to help you out by providing you the list of what I want this Christmas. This will definitely make your life easier if you haven't bought a gift for me. As Sadie in Awkward would say, you're welcome. 

1. Revlon ColorBust Matte Balm in Standout (no. 250) (Php 575)
I tried this one time in an SM Department Store and I was really impressed with the formulation. It wasn't too drying but it was definitely matte. However, I was not really looking for a lipstick at that time so I didn't give it a second thought. Earlier today while I was looking around in this Japanese drugstore/beauty store, I tried Standout because the color looks so good from the packaging. I was so delighted! It brings out a certain glow out of me. And well, you know me, I love red lipsticks. 
Only wearing eyebrow and Standout. See what I mean? 

2. Posh Pocket Shoes Becca (Black) (Php 1,200)
My style is very simple and shouts basic. I'm all about black, white, and gray. I've been looking for that perfect pair of sandals and this one looks so good. I love Posh Pocket Shoes because they are very comfortable and simple yet stylish. Additional points for them because all their shoes are foldable and comes with a posh bag where you can put your shoes or use separately. 

3. Laptop sleeve
I'm not very specific with this one. I bought a very cheap one from CD-R King and I haven't changed since. It's not very durable and since I removed the protective case of my laptop because it looks worn out and ugly, I need a better sleeve. I'm using a 13-inch MacBook Air, FYI.

4. Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (Php 3,000)
My skin is far from prefect. I'm very prone to sunspots and freckles. I have been using sunblock everyday for almost 8 years now but I still get them. It doesn't help that my day job is to be in the rice field or be exposed to UV light of the clean bench. Having this one would help me immensely and save me from spending loads of money with the dermatologist.

5. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote for MacBook (Php 14,000-19,000)
I admit I'm maarte. I like carrying my laptop around because I'm more productive using it than the office computer but I don't have a proper laptop bag. I don't want to have a separate laptop bag and tote bag. That's just too much for everyday. And since I will be putting a lot of things, why not get a durable bag, right? I found this in the Apple store and I was hooked. It's Michael Kors especially made for MacBook arte users like me. It's pretty and functional. I find that the price varies depending on where you buy it and which country you get it. 

That's it. Let's see if I'll get any of these. Not hoping but still keeping my finger crossed. You'll never know.

Happy Christmas shopping!