Some sort of a birthday post

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It's been almost a month since my birthday but I'm still trying to write something about it. Not because it was the most fun and exciting but rather the exact opposite. For the first time, I spent my birthday alone.  I'm on a work trip to Japan and it just so happened that my birthday fell within my travel.

It was the most uneventful and peaceful birthday ever. I survived a day without thinking about it or having anyone greet me personally. I focused on my lab work, which is quite a lot, I must say. For some reason, I liked it. I had a quick dinner with my labmates and bought a small cake for myself afterwards. That was it. It's refreshing to know that I'm no longer the kind of girl who expects material gifts for my birthday. I'm not saying I don't like presents, I still do, but I don't demand or expect anymore. It must be the age. 

My boyfriend still managed to surprise me with a gift. We were planning to celebrate my birthday together in Tokyo but work got in the way. I'm not upset about it at all. Actually, I don't get upset very often these days. Hmmm. It must be the age.
A photo posted by Jean Melgar (@jeanmelgar) on

A photo posted by Jean Melgar (@jeanmelgar) on

And that was that. I don't have a birthday wish list for this year but I do have a Christmas list. LOL

To more birthdays!