Update: I'm Alive!

11:11 AM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

Hey guys! Hello! Hello!

I've neglected this blog and I feel terrible. I am so busy with work and life that I can't catch up with myself. I use this blog as a stress-reliever, an outlet, so it feels like I haven't spoke to my therapist for months.

Here is a photo of me just in case you missed me. LOL I dunno.

Anyway, updates!

  • Work. It's all good. I'm busy and most of the time stressed, but it's a good kind of stress, I think. It makes me want to do better and excel. I'm thankful I have a stable job. I don't know if this is the job I want to have forever but I'm glad I'm not struggling. I have a lot of thoughts about my career path but I'll set that aside for another post. And as if I'm not busy enough, I'm starting with some part-time jobs again. I do mostly tutoring and teaching stuff on the side. I enjoy teaching and it doesn't hurt I get paid for doing the things I like. Also, I seriously need the extra income. I need to save up for my future life.
  • Travel. I went to Japan last July for work. It was great and amazing in all aspects. I want to share stories and photos soon! I'll be travelling for the holidays, too. I'm really really excited about it!
  • Life. It's all OK. It's just OK. You know what I mean? It could be better, so much better. I hope for so many things in life and 80% of that isn't even material. I'm not complaining but I'm working on it. I'm enjoying every moment because maybe after 5 years, I can't go back to this life.
How about you? How have you been? 

I promise to post more often.