Review: MAC Archie's Girls lippies

2:42 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

Hello! Hello!

I know this collection has been out for a while but I only got time now. Excuses, excuses. Don't blame the busy.

Moving on.

When I first learned that an Archie's Girls collection was coming out, I was adamant in getting at least a few. Apparently, so were a lot of Filipino women. The stores were sold out! They were gone in a poof! Luckily, a few friends left for Singapore. Singapore was sold out, too, but hey, there's always Duty Free! It is very seldom that airport stores run out of stock.  They always have it and they sell it at a cheaper price. Love it!

I only asked my friend to get me the lipsticks, Betty Bright (Betty) and Daddy's Little Girl (Veronica). The store clerk threw in a freebie with candies inside. How sweet! 

These lipsticks are not meant to be worn everyday, in my opinion. Well, this depends on where you work but they are not office-friendly. This collection is very playful, what do I expect?
Betty Bright (L) and Daddy's Little Girl (R)

I'm more drawn to grabbing Daddy's Little Girl than Betty Bright. This maybe because Betty Bright kind of washes me out. Daddy's Little girl on the other hand gives me this sultry good girl/bad girl vibe. Staying power is just a couple of hours without eating. Daddy's Little Girl stays on longer due to the stain.
Daddy's Little Girl
Betty Bright

My nieces love them! They use it more than I do, actually. They are so cute. One pretends to be Betty and the other Veronica.

I like them because they are collectibles and cute. What do you think?