Musings of a Fangirl: Hart of Dixie

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I stumbled upon Hart of Dixie one boring night at home while channel surfing. How exciting my life! Yay me! To cut the story short, I was hooked! Let me give you two reasons.

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) is a cutiepie and so is her wardrobe.


I love them together.

This make-believe couple is too cute but very real and makes my boring nights less boring. They are also my source of teenage-kilig, which I didn't know I still have. 

It took them forever to be officially together even if they obviously lust each other have chemistry and more. The shirtless Wade and action-packed scenes make me sad for being in a LDR. Hi, boyfriend. So can someone please explain to me why the writers are so f*cked up they found the need to break them up. Seriously. Wade showed interest from S01E01. They even made out on that same episode! From then on they were flirting non-stop and Wade showed he's got true feelings and intentions and manned up and stuff. He even showed he can resist ex-girlfriends and girls lining up to do him. So why on earth would he just cheat all of a sudden when he's done nothing but prove his love from day one? I just don't get it. A tear fell during their break-up scene. It was too tragic for me. I felt like I was the one breaking up with someone. I know how that feels especially if you're leaving a man you really love. Chos all over.

What I've been doing to fill the hole brought by sadness is to watch fan vids. Sigh. I really am a fangirl. 

I think the writers/producers/whoever-is-making-the-decisions are trying to hook up Zoe with Jonah this past episode and in the coming more. Belch. I really really hope someone will knock some sense into these people and eventually bring Zoe and Wade together. 

There. I'm done fangirling. I hope so.

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  1. nice post! I'm really liking rachel bilson's outfits in this show!