Weekends in Bed

11:00 AM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

I don't know how you spend your weekends but I spend mine in bed. It's lovely how during most weekends, I have nothing to do but sleep. I woke up around noon yesterday just in time for lunch. After a few TV shows and a couple of pages of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, I dozed off again. That was around 3pm. You know what time I woke up? 11:30 freaking pm. I had Oreos and milk, played Temple Run 2, which I'm currently soooo addicted to, and was back in bed. Good heavens, I'm so lazy.  I love it. Although, I feel like it was a waste of day because I did nothing but feel grateful at the same time because there was nothing to do. So, yeah, that was my weekend. How was yours? 

P.S. It's Valentine's soon! I'm planning on buying myself some chocolates. <3