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It's February, bichez! Lurv month, oh yeah!
I usually have mixed emotions about Valentine's Day. Not really a fan, but hey, if you give me flowers and mushy stuff, then thank you. It's too commercialized but I like that we celebrate love.

I celebrate love almost everyday. NAKSSSS! But true! I treasure that I have someone to love and loves me back dearly. So this Valentine's, I'm gonna be spying on all the people around me. I love people-watching anyway.

Who will receive what? Who will be ecstatic? Who will be waiting for gifts to arrive? Who will be miserable? Who will hold a pity party? Who will post all their mushy gifts and date photos on Facebook and Instagram? I'm too excited! 

I'm 98% sure I'll be spending that day at the Fair. Who will be there? I hope to bump into you!