Birthday! Birthday!

10:58 AM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

I think it's pretty clear why I named this blog Scorpio Girl, right? It's not because I'm fond of scorpions (animal) and Scorpions (band).

Anyway, the Scorpio Girl celebrated her birthday last Monday!

How was it? It was exceptionally ordinary. No party, no drinking, no fuss, no flowers, nothing. I went to work, had my meals, went home, slept. It was exactly how I envisioned my birthday will be. Despite the boringness of the day, I was happy. A few days back, I was very sick and unhealthy. I wasn't able to enjoy the long weekend. I wasn't able to give my presentation in a conference. I was stuck at home and the only people I see are my doctors and dentist. It was quite depressing. That is why I am very happy and grateful that I have recovered and feeling great on my birthday. I consider it is a gift.

I spent the eve of my birthday with my family. We were complete and we put up Christmas decorations. I felt loved. I love my family. 

I received a few gifts from friends and family. It was very unexpected. Thank you very much.

I also received a lot of birthday greetings through SMS, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you to all who remembered. Thank you, Facebook birthday reminder.

Do I feel different? Anything special? Nah. I feel exactly the same.

I'm happy I'm alive. Here's to more birthdays!