Life in South Korea: Coffee Shops

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In case you don't know, I lived in South Korea for a couple of years and have been visiting frequently. My latest visit was August of this year. I'm planning to visit more frequently next year but that's another story. I'm seriously addicted to their food but I can't say the same about their music and TV dramas. I love kimchi (김치)  and the weather. I guess what I love the most is how comfortable I am there. It must  be the logistics. Have you been to Manila? Stress. The stress in Manila is lessened if you are rich and can afford "luxury". In South Korea, said "luxury" is for everyone. 

Let me show you some examples. (This will be a series of posts because I'm too lazy to put it in one or maybe I'm just sleepy. I blame you, antihistamines. Damn you, allergies.)

If you are a student or you work in a university, you are stressed most of the time due to multitude of classes, activities, and exams. You always need a place to chill, study, meet your group mates or friends, etc. You also always need coffee. Who doesn't need coffee?
Let's go to the library and study. Oh, cool, look at the greenery. 

This is in the Engineering area. Their library (Note: This is not the main  library.) is on the second and third floor. The table and benches outside are big enough to sit a group of students. There's even a very big and sturdy umbrella. Rain or shine! But what is on the first floor? Is that...?

Cafe Nescafe! Yes, a coffee shop under the library! Sleepy but need to study? Need to grab a good coffee? Let's go downstairs! How easy is that? And it's not your normal space. Why?

The interiors are designed for students. It's well lit and fuss-free. There are areas with big tables to house group studies and meetings. There are power outlets scattered everywhere for laptop and gadget charging. Of course, there's free WiFi. There's also a big space outside for smokers. Aside from their amazing space and location, coffee shops in South Korea in general have "stamp" cards, where frequent customers get something for free after a couple of stamps. When I visited last time, the promo in Cafe Nescafe was buy one take one. I loved the drink.

While we are still on the topic of coffee shops, let me show you some more examples. 

This is Holly's Coffee. It's situated right outside of the main gate of the university. 
Have you seen any coffee shop near universities in the Philippines that looked like this? If yes, please tell me where. 

Now, for this next example, I want you to look closely because we have a lot of this shop/store here.
 Can you read what it says on the table? Can you guess the store?

 Dunkin Donuts! Yes! Freaking Dunkin Donuts! Look at these couches. They are so nice and comfy.

 I tested them myself! LOL

And look at the very chic hanging lights. How come our Dunkin Donuts here looks so different?

I love coffee shops in South Korea. They are not all Korean brands, most are from the US actually but the style and comfort level is really different. They really think of their customers' needs. I didn't even discuss the service and food quality. They're amazing by the way.

What do you think?

Disclaimer: I'm not saying South Korea is the best.