The One That Got Away

9:57 AM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

If you're way past your teens, you must have heard this line a couple of times or you must have used it. Somehow there's this one person who we would turn back time for and change the course of things and hope that this time around, it will turn out better. A name pops in mind, yes? 

When we were younger, we do things that we're  not really proud of. We do fun but silly things. Things that seemed cool at that time but in retrospect, really douchey. We neglected people and relationships that we really cared for because at that time, s/he was not that cool or good-looking to be seen around with or the relationship was too time-consuming or needed a lot of effort. We admire from afar and smile at every small encounter. In our hearts, we know how much we treasure that person. But we chose to not let things develop or just simply let go. 

After a few years, we regret. 

Suddenly the person we let go became the most awesome person on earth. And we regret some more. Then we wonder, why did I let that happen? Why was I so stupid not to appreciate what was in front of me? We wasted so many precious time. 

But we recover and learn from our mistakes. We realize that we can not turn back time and all that we can do is be a better person and treat the new person in our life with much love and care. And let's try not to be douchey. We are no longer young. Let's not do things that we'll regret in the future. 

They say that the concept of the one that got away is not true. An illusion.

Only unfulfilled love can be romantic.