Dreams, Aspirations, and Reality (Part I)

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I had so many dreams growing up. I was a dreamer. I also read a lot which opened my eyes to many different possibilities. 
  1. Doctor. Of course! This must be the first profession kids learn. During pre-school graduation or moving up day or whatever you wanna call it, 90% of the kids say, "When I grow up, I wanna be a doctor.". I took Biology in college thinking that I might still go with my first dream.
  2. Soldier or policeman. Growing up with a father who is serving the country brought out the nationalist in me. I wanted to serve the country, serve the people. My family was not a fan of this dream.
  3. Newscaster. Watching the news everyday with a beautiful and credible anchorwoman made me say, I can do that! I wanted to be in the middle of a story and deliver it to the whole country. I eventually realized that this job will not recognize holidays and special events, so bye. 
  4. Astronaut. I wanted to explore the unreachable. I was too afraid I'll never come back. 
  5. Ballerina. I begged my mother to enroll me in ballet school. I adored the costumes, twirls, and pirouettes. I wanted to prance around in pretty tutus. Tights and leotards were like my second skin. I was not able to pursue ballet cos the school in my town closed but I danced. Oh, I danced. I did not pursue this cos I realized that I was not the best. My insecurities ate me. 
  6. Pianist or violinist or drummer. I wanted to play a musical instrument. I wanted to be in a band. I couldn't play a thing for the life of me.
  7. Swimmer. The Olympic Games was my target. LOL I did swim. I did learn. I was good. Just OK, not Olympic material.
  8. Writer. A poet, actually. I thought that spending many hours with books will make me gifted in writing. Apparently not. I poured all my talents in my journals and now here. 
Then I became a scientist. How? Why? Part II!

Edit: I just realized that this post is somehow similar or related to this.