Body Image Sucks

9:51 AM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

We live in a time where the people we consider hot and sexy are the likes of Anne Curtis, catwalks dominated by stick thin figures, billboards full of young actors/athletes in their underwear, and TV commercials of weight loss products. 
Seriously, woman? Where do you put all the carbs you eat.
I can smoke that sexily, too. Wait--
Before, we considered Marilyn Monroe sexy. If you put her side by side with our current stars, she’ll look fat and will be made fun of at the red carpet.

See those arms, legs, back fat, and tummy bulge? 

Everyday we are constantly reminded that we need to lose that extra couple of pounds. It gets the better of me.

See that fat? I need to get rid of it! 
I've never been obese or overweight. I gain a few unnecessary pounds when I’m stressed and yet I still  mull over such matters. I’m at the age where people expect me to be emotionally and mentally stable and I believe I am. But sometimes I only need one small trigger and I go over-analyzing again. I’m not in my early twenties anymore and metabolism has slowed down. I can’t eat a whole bag of Lays without repercussions. I can’t drink 5 bottles of light beer and not worry because it’s “light” anyway. I’m ageing and it shows.

I should shut up now because I don’t really know where this is going. I just feel like crap. Also, goddamn you, hormones.

“Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth.” – Aesop


  1. It sucks nga. Oh Marilyn Monroe would be considered plus size now, if I'm not mistaken. Sometimes I wish I was born in the era where full bodied women are sexy. :D

  2. I was watching Gilmore Girls over the weekend and realized that even during that time, actresses were not that thin!