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Hello, everyone! I'm alive! Hurrah! Kidding aside, I'm thankful I found the time to write something here. It's been a while and I seriously miss writing here. So, let's do this!

I told you in my last post that I couldn't update this blog because my hands were full. Too full, actually. I will share what's going on with me one at a time. 

First, let me tell you that I transferred to a new abode. My  family stayed in this small bungalow for more than 26 years. It was tiny but decent and situated perfectly. We called it home. But kids grow up and accumulate stuff. We were at full capacity. The bungalow was not enough. I even transferred to an apartment after I came back from South Korea just so I can have my space. It was quite wonderful living alone. But nothing lasts forever and truthfully, the additional expenses hurt my pockets. So  when my folks finally had the courage and $$$ to build a new house, I told them I'm moving back in. 

This be me cooking. Yeah! I apologize for the mess that is called my "kitchen". This was last December and one of those very few moments where my kitchen is used. I only cook for two reasons -- 1) I promised 2) Le Boyfran. This was for reason #2 when my guest requested for pork steak and mushroom soup.

I know the photo doesn't do any justice but I adored my apartment. Who wouldn't? It's located at the back end of a subdivision filled with UP noisy students. It was quiet there except on days when my college neighbors throw parties. The apartment is a loft. On the first floor you'll find the living, dining, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry areas. On the second floor is the bedroom. Everything for only, wait for it, Php4,000! Shocked? Welcome to Los Banos!

Showing my spiral stairs which always tried to kill me especially at night when I want to pee. Or when I'm drunk.

So anyway, my folks and I transferred last February. We haven't fully fixed everything. We need to put cabinets at the dirty kitchen, finish painting the fence and dirty kitchen, and put some plants in the very small garden to add life. There are also some stuff that need to be put away properly. We haven't figured out everything. Let me share some photos. 

O Romeo, Romeo! Let down your hair, Romeo! LOLZ
Hello there, bookshelf with a lot of plush toys. 
My small nook in my room. I think this was on the first day. Hello, cheesy photos. 
My shoe rack. I threw/gave away pairs I was not using. Now this rack is full. I have to maintain a certain number of pairs so they will fit in my rack. This will help me prevent buying shoes all the freaking time. 
Valentine's tulips on top of my shoe rack from boyfran. See the colors of my walls? FUN!
There you have it. I'm now adjusting to the commute I have to take to and from work. It's quite a task. I'm also trying to get used again to parents texting me when I'm not home by 10pm. -_-

One update down, more to go! 

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  1. Nice shoe rack, though I have few shoes. Are the tulips still alive?