Christmas 2011 Wish List

10:42 PM Jean Melgar 4 Comments

'Tis the season to be jolly and to be asking for gifts! They say it's better to give than to receive. But if you all are giving, I'm just gonna lay here and receive. LOL

I really want expensive gadgets but times are hard so let's make this list a little bit realistic. 

1. Body Shaper
I'm not specific on the brand as long as it works. Why do I need this? Well, I'm no Victoria's Secret Angel so wearing very tight dresses can be really tricky. It's that season of binge eating again and I need to fake a flat tummy.

2. Makeup
I love makeup! Although I don't put makeup on everyday (because I always wake up late), I like prettifying myself. I got my first makeup kit when I was in grade school. It was a Christmas gift from my Aunt. I will never forget the joy of that day. 

3. Bath products
Who doesn't enjoy a long and luxurious bath? It's pampering and cleaning yourself at the same time. I say it's genius. I'm a sucker for bath products. I love taking showers at night then go to bed smelling good and clean. It's precious. 

4. Notebooks
I'm addicted to notebooks. Actually, any notebook will do but I never had a Moleskine. I like its simplicity.
But I also like quirky stuff and I like Quiddity's notebooks, too. Yep! That's a notebook. There are a lot of designs and you can even ask them to customize one for you. Pretty neat, right?

5. Wristwatch
Boyfriend jeans? Boyfriend shirt? Boyfriend watch! I've been dreaming of a manly watch for a long time now. Please, please, please, Santa. 

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 


  1. Great list! I have a Spanx body shaper and it works wonders on my bilbil(s). LOL. My wish is that I get the inspiration and discipline to actually trim my flabby body :D I is soo fat now. That and more cats :D

  2. Wow Spanx! I heard those are kinda expensive. Oh yes, discipline. :)

  3. Ang bait naman ng wishlist mo, hehe. Sakin siguro puro super expensive (AKA unrealistic) things ilalagay ko, lol. But I also want lots of makeup and bath products for this Christmas :)
    (I might do a wishlist entry on my blog too pag sinipag ako XD)

  4. Nice list. Very realistic. I haven't made mine yet. I'm making 2 versions, the materialistic and realistic wish list. Hahaha!