Korean Food

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Do you love spicy food? I do! My Dad sort of trained our tongues to eat spicy stuff. It's delightful, well for me. 

South Korea is known for kimchi. It is more like a side dish to them and eat it with almost everything. But there's so much more to their food than spicy fermented cabbages. I lived in South Korea for three years and have been visiting since high school. Lemme share with you a few of my favorite Korean dishes. I was not able to eat all my faves during my recent vacation. *sadface*

All of a sudden I forgot the names of some of them. I need to drink memory enhancers. I have no future in food blogging cos the moment the food lands on my table, I devour it. There are many other dishes that I quickly ate without taking photos.

Photo dump about to happen. 

Spicy cabbage Soup (Kimchi Jjigae - 김치찌개)

Steamed pork with veggies (bossam - 보쌈)

Stir-fried Rice with tuna, veggies and egg (Chamchi Bokkeumbap - 참치볶음밥)

Breaded Pork cutlet (donkatsu - 돈까스)

"Knife noodles" & Stir-fried rice with spicy pork  
(Kalguksu & jeyuk bokkeumbap - 칼국수 & 제육볶음)

Grilled pork strips (Samgyeopsal - 삼겹살)

Grilled marinated beef (bulgogi - 불고기)

Black rice with veggies

Grilled Marinated pork and Squid (Osambulgogi - 오삼불고기)

bean paste vegetable noodles (Jajangmyeon - 자장면)

Sweet and sour fried pork (tangsuyuk - 탕수육)

Sauce -- Sweet And Sour Fried Pork (Tangsuyuk - 탕수육)

"soup to chase a hangover" (Haejangguk - 해장국)

Soybean paste with snails

Spicy Marinated pork (Daeji Bulgogi - 돼지불고기)

Soybean paste vegetable stew (Doenjang jjigae - 된장 찌개)

tuna and Vegetable Stew (chamchi Jjigae - 참치 찌개)

(Not spicy version) Mussel noodlesoup ( Jjampong- 짬뽕)

Tofu and vegetable stew & Grilled Fish (Sundubu Jjigae- 순두부찌개)

Fried Chicken! LOL

I love Korean food cos it's healthy and not fattening! There's a lot of veggies and most of them are not fried. Have you tried Korean food? Do you like it? Do you have a favorite? Do you know that side dishes are served free and you can ask for refills? Sadly not all restaurants in the Philippines do that. Some even ask extra pay! Anyway, now I'm hungry. 


  1. Kagutom~ I shouldn't have read this before dinner.
    I want to taste real Jajangmyeon. I've only tasted the instant kind, yung nasa grocery, hehe.

  2. IMO, the instant jajangmyeon tastes nothing like the real thing. Let's have a Korean dinner! :)