Vacation Staple: Black Flats

9:29 PM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

I believe that I'm good at packing stuff for trips. On my recent vacation to South Korea, I was able to bring three shoes with me -- flat sandals, clogs, and black flats. I was able to wear all of them. But for a few reasons, I wore my black flats more. My trip required a lot of walking and I'm the type who doesn't like my feet getting dirty so I was only able to use my sandals once or twice. I wore my clogs a couple of times but unfortunately, I got stung by bee while I was wearing it. I believe in bad luck and all that so I stopped wearing my clogs after that. 

Soooo, I got stuck with my black flats. Outfits are boring, really. It was not cold yet and I was in the mood to wear  shorts. 

I love this top! 

I survived because of my flats. Thank you, Primadonna, for making them comfy. 


  1. Primadonna is seriously underrated! They have really cute flats, boots, and sandals. I try not to pass by their store when I'm at Megamall cos it's hard to leave without buying something.

  2. I strongly agree! I'm close to having a closet full of Primadonna shoes. :)