Sad News

11:48 PM Jean Melgar 3 Comments

Yesterday while lounging and drinking iced tea, my niece, Yumi, delivered some bad news. 
Yumi: Kaka, you know the black dog? He's dead.
Me: Black dog? You mean Poopie?
Yumi: Yah, Poopie. He's dead na.
Me: MOM!!!!! 
Poopie was my very first dog. We had dogs before but he was technically mine. When I was in college, I asked my Dad to buy me a dog and he gladly obliged. Poopie was very close to me. He slept in my room for months. I took care of him like a baby. I gave him formula milk, cuddled and bathed him until he was too big and I became very busy. My Mom took over eventually. He's very close to our hearts. He fathered many puppies and somehow served as a guard dog even if he was not one. 

I asked the cause of his death but no one knows for sure because our helper just found him lying dead. He may have been bitten by a snake or just died of old age. I feel really sad that he is gone. My Mom is very sad too. I hope that Poopie is in doggy heaven now.

This is not Poopie but he looks exactly like this. I can't find a photo of him. :( 

We will miss you, Poop! We love you. 


  1. Poopie is in Rainbow Bridge now... Really hard to lose a beloved pet. Not all people get a chance to have one and not all pets get persons who truly love them.

  2. Awww, Jean, I'm sorry :( I wish pets lived as long as us :(

  3. Thank you. We get attached to our pets easily then they die. :(