Crazy Online Shopping

11:34 PM Jean Melgar 3 Comments

In this age of internet and everything fast, online shopping is the bomb. You have a computer and internet access and you're done. You don't even need a credit card (Don't get me started on credit cards or it'll get ugly.) cos you can pay through bank deposits. It's so easy, you just click on pretty images of bags, shoes, and clothes and never realize the time that passed. Of course there is the problem of right size and quality but if you are a frequent shopper, you probably know your size and if the seller is trusted then quality is not a big problem. 

So what's my problem with online shopping? Currently, I'm crazy looking at Multiply's Marketplace and Facebook searching for good deals. It makes me want things I don't really need. Gah. 

Let's take a look. 

I'm travelling soon, you know. I might as well put my passport and ticket in one place together with some of my cards. This will make my life easy. Do I really need it?

2. Pemberton Satchel (Php 1,099)
Satchels are so in right now. I think I would like to try this trend. Hmm. Aside from that, it matches one of my fave shoes! Do I really need it?
3. Elle Shoes (Php 1,500)
They're so cute! I bet these would look good on my feet. The heel height looks OK for everyday walking and design is not too out there so I can wear it to work and not get weird stares. Do I really need it? 

4. Sally Skirt (Php 145)
Who doesn't need a skirt? It's fun and quirky that's why I like this. Also, sale! Do I really need it?

5. Corset Skirt Set (Php 1,400)
Travelling soon, so yeah. Ahem. Do I really need it?

Obviously, I still have a lot of free time even with work, sports and all. Help me decide or scold me. Be my guest. 


  1. But what if you lose your ticket holder?! You lose both your passport and ticket!!!

  2. Che, LOLOLOLOL!

    Helga, I was thinking of the same thing and decided not to get that passport holder. Scary if I lose my passport!