Clubbing and Bacardi

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Go, go, go shawty! 

I'm really not the clubbing type. I like going out and drinking with friends, yes, but usually in a low key place where you can drink beer and have meaningful conversations about tampons and underarm whitening products. I like to dance all night but clubs are not the best place for talking. It's good I kinda know how to read lips or else I wouldn't understand a thing my friends were saying. 

So why was I out clubbing on a Saturday night? My smart and soon to be rich friends recently passed the physician licensure exams. Yay! Congratulations again, friends! Naturally we will go out drinking somewhere but one of my friends, who will also be rich soon, just opened a new place together with some guys. At first we were  kinda uneasy but it's not everyday we are listed as VIP. LOL We had fun and made the most out of it. 

Photo dump about to happen.

Thanks, Aaron! 
Partying in T-shirts LOL
Congratulations to the new doctors!

I like dancing with 'em girls. =P

Bacardi? It was my first time to drink that devil drink. Oh heavens, I will not do it again! Why do people drink that thing alone? It burned my mouth and throat for minutes. I had to drink water from then on. Wah.

These photos remind me I badly need to have my hair color fixed.  Also, what are those guys wearing? Spot the pink polo with the heart pendant. 

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