New Blog Layout

12:34 AM Jean Melgar 5 Comments

Tonight was weird cos I only had few students. I was not in a hurry and had a lot of idle time. Guess what I did on my free time. New blog layout! I'm not really a pro on matters like this but I try. What is Google for? And I'm not dumb so I can apply what I read. I want a pretty and well thought layout but maybe I'll do that later when I get my own hosting. #dreambig

Here's how it looks now. 

I'm really unsure of that photo. It started out as a slideshow of my photos then I realized, who would want to see a slideshow of my face? I asked the Boyf to select just one and he picked this. I guess we now know what he likes to see. Not my face! LOL This photo might be replaced soon or every once in a while depending on my mood.

I tried to keep it clean and simple. At first, I wanted something really pink with flowers and butterflies and rainbows and glowing unicorns but Boyf said it looked like a college kid's blog. Boo! 

Soooo, whatchuthink? 


  1. Looks great, Jean! Also, go get a domain! Tin and I got ours really cheap! :)

  2. you should go buy a domain if you really are serious about blogging. You can have all the available benefits instead of using a free blog site.
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  3. The header isn't loading for me! The one that says SCORPIO GIRL. Might be my internet lang.

  4. Hay naku I removed my disturbing and completely unnecessary photo na. I'll hire someone to design for me when I get my own domain. :)