In a Rut

11:29 PM Jean Melgar 1 Comments

In this post I will come clean. 

I don't know if I have mentioned here that I'm under a lot of stress now. Stress that can eventually lead to depression. I'm getting over it one day at a time with the help of some very wonderful people. Thanks a lot you, guys! You know who you are. 

Anyway, because of stress and loneliness and everything in between, I lost all desire to look pretty. I don't care about what I wear anymore. I have been dressing like a grad student with no time to shower these past weeks. My hair, which is sometimes unwashed, is always in a messy bun and not the intended messy-pretty type. It's not that I'm a fashionista or something but I usually care about my clothes and shoes. Now my love affair with my never been washed Chucks are back. 

This girl? She's gone. 

I consider myself mid-maintenance. I maybe high maintenance for some but I'm really not. You should see the real HM girls! I love making myself pretty and presentable and now I look like a taong grasa. Nothing against them but they are not very good to look at. I'd rather curl in bed than remove stray hairs on my face. I'd choose movies with McDonald's in my tummy over a good afternoon run. 

This girl is not welcome to stay.
I don't like how I look so I'm turning things around. Just got a facial after work today. I'm scheduling my next cut and color visit and all the crazy stuff girls do to look pretty. This hairy messy greasy Jean is not here to stay. Shoo!

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