A Letter To My Future Daughter

11:00 AM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

My dear Daughter,

Being a girl is difficult, I know. You have to go through phases in your life that will require you to mature faster than boys. Your body will change and you will become self-conscious. Please bear in mind that you are unique. The media, your peer and family (especially your Grandmother) will affect your body image and self-esteem. Don't let them, including me, get to you. Eat what you want but eat healthily. Don't starve then binge. A few fats here and there is not bad. A real woman has curves. Don't let the billboards and magazines fool you. The skinny models probably haven't eaten a steak in ten years. The actresses frequent Belo. They are not real.  Don't let the pressure of having a beautiful grandmother get to you. Don't be envious. Be proud of what you are and what you have but please don't be arrogant or I'll spank you. Take good care of yourself physically but do not be vain. Play in the mud and run in the fields. Get some scars and bruises, it is part of growing up. 

When the time comes that you get attracted to some boy or girl (Don't worry, I will talk to your Dad.), don't be shy. Tell me. I will not judge you nor reprimand you. Liking and getting attracted to other people is normal. When you start dating, please be cautious. Take good care of your heart. I can't promise that I can protect you from all the heartaches. I do promise, however, to hold your hand while we drink wine and talk about the bad boys and your heartaches. You will meet a lot of douchebags so be careful on giving up yourself. Choose carefully and please use protection. You don't want to get diseases or get pregnant immediately, right? 

Style and fashion is important. I encourage you to wear what you feel like wearing. But please, for the love of heavens, don't dress like a whore. If someday you get a figure of a bombshell, please bear in mind that you don't have to show them to the world. Be unique but classy. Showing your tits to everyone will not only make your father go mad but will also bring you nowhere. Unless you plan to become a Playboy bunny someday. Please don't. 

I encourage you to do sports and get sweaty. Aside from it being a good workout, you will meet a lot of awesome people. I also encourage you to tap your artistic side. Remember, you have it in your blood. You just have to learn how to use it. Read a lot books, listen to different kinds of music, and watch local and foreign films. Broaden your world and let them inspire you. You can always come to my room and read a book beside me while I smoke, drink coffee, and listen to some artist your Dad probably doesn't know. I hope you do not smoke. Your Dad and I are bad examples. 

Lastly, don't try to be me. You are so much better and you can go to far more places. Be yourself. 

I don't know what your name is but I'm sure it ain't Jhunalyn. LOL Mom is funny, eh?