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I came back to the Philippines with a lot more weight than before I left. I blame stress. I can eat a whole chicken in one sitting. One whole pizza? Give that to me! Pitcher after pitcher of beer? Easy peasy. I'm a stress eater and it's disgusting. 



I knew I wanted to lose weight and I did it through exercising -- running, boxing, basketball, swimming, you name it. I'm not a fan of dieting because I'm always hungry. I guess my plan was eat the same stuff and burn everything after. It was working for me. I actually lost weight. Only problem was I was bloated all the time. My tummy was like an angry monster of some sort trying to get out of its cage. Scary. 

So I kinda changed my game plan cos I promised The Guy, the next time he sees me, my tummy will be flat. I know, big big promise. First thing that came to mind: STOP DRINKING BEER. All my friends were in disbelief. I was actually successful for about two months and then friends needed a shoulder to cry on while drinking. I gave in. I couldn't do the no beer diet. Whenever I go out, which is, like, twice a month, I forgive myself and drink a max of two bottles of light beer. 

Since I like challenging myself, I pushed it and made my daily food intake "healthier". I'm not a fan of fish and veggies. But now, I try to eat them everyday. I also try to stay away from rice, not a very hard task for me. I also stopped eating merienda months ago so this helps a lot. I make sure I eat three full meals a day so I don't feel hungry and crave a snack. 

I then read on Helga's Tumblr about Livestrong and decided to try it out. I'm already on a "health program" so I don't see why not. To be honest, it is time-consuming but I think it is worth it. I suggest you try it. 

I ran 5K that day so they calculated and subtracted the calories I burned.

I feel good about myself. I'm planning to stick to this health thing and do more. I want to try Juju Cleanse and get a facial every month. Getting old is not easy so I need to take good care of my body. 

How about you? What are you doing to keep fit and healthy?