Hungry for Hunger Games

10:58 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

Do you know about Hunger Games? No? Have you been hiding under a rock or something? Kidding. 

I finally had the money to buy the boxed set. I was thinking of maybe borrowing from a friend or maybe (eeek!) download an e-book. I have nothing against e-books, they're just not my type. I need to feel and smell the pages of the book, make dog ears and slip my fingers in between pages. Good thing there was 30% off sale at National Bookstore a few weeks ago. I got the trilogy for around Php 700.

I heard about the Hunger Games a year ago but I was too busy with life, I guess. I was either busy with grad school or trolling around. LOLJK When these babies landed on my hands, I dropped the book I was reading. I finished the three books in about four days. I just couldn't stop!


The books are so addicting. I literally didn't sleep for days. I was carrying it around reading whenever I get a chance. I got all sorts of emotions. I gasped, cried, smiled, giggled, got mad, etc. In short, I felt like I was part of the story. At times I felt like Katniss and sometimes Peeta.

I will not tell you what it is about. You go discover it for yourself. I enjoyed reading it and I hope you do, too. A warning, it is grouped under young-adult (teen) though I think it is very very different from Twilight so don't be discouraged.

Oh and one more thing! A movie is on its way! Hurrah! It is expected to be released on March 2012. I can't wait!