Day 2 -- Where you'd like to be in 10 years.

11:40 PM Jean Melgar 2 Comments

I wanna be in some place cold. Seriously. I love the beach and summer but Philippine weather is starting to get into my nerves. It's really hot and humid then all of a sudden out of nowhere is a typhoon. Then like clockwork, the rain will stop and the very hot sun will show. I'm confused on what to wear on mornings. Gah. 

Anyway, moving on to more serious things. I really would like to be somewhere cold. That means in 10 years, I envision myself not living in the Philippines. I want to be in a country with four seasons. I want to raise my kids playing in snow. I want them to experience season change. This tells you, my dear reader, that I see kids in my future. I'm the mothering kind. I gush over babies, their cuteness and clumsiness. I sincerely enjoy giving baths, preparing their formula milk, changing their clothes, and running in the park. So a future without kids is close to impossible. I jumped to having children already and did not even discuss marriage. There will be wedding bells, I hope. I think. I believe. 

When I'm in mid-thirties, I hope to be either in a very fulfilling job or doing my PhD. I wish I'm not struggling with finances and have stabilized my monies. My career and financial stability are as important as my family. How will I have a family and support them, eh? 

This is 20 years after. I don't look good. Creepy! My Mom looks good, so I don't believe you, Intarnetz. 

That's all I can think of right now. Hmm, what else? Oh, let's add a business somewhere in there. OK, I'm out.