Friday Nights Are Love

11:06 PM Jean Melgar 0 Comments

Last post I mentioned that I'm very busy. When I came back to the Philippines, I was all about partying, meeting my friends and well, drinking. I was a deprived kid in Korea so I was just making up for lost times. But after a year, partying got old. Aside from that, the friends that I usually go out are older than me. They get sleepy and tired very easily. The younger ones have curfew. Gah, curfew.

Anyway, since I'm only free Friday nights (and some Saturday nights) I get very excited and really look forward to this day. FRIDAAAAY! I'm on the TGIF bus and I'm planning to stay.

Photo dump about to happen.

Girls' night out with Lot and Chen

LB batchmates

LB crowd

Yes, I can sleep and smile at the same time.

I love Friday nights! You?